ECOSAFE 795+LiX4 Lithium-ion Battery Storage Cabinet Equipped

ECOSAFE Lithium-ion Battery Storage Cabinet

EN14470-1 European standard fire-proof cabinets, version 90 minutes

To ensure the safety of people and goods, we have created a safety storage solution for Lithium-ion batteries.  Indeed lithium-ion batteries have the particularity to present many risks of which the most known and the most frequent is the thermal runaway which can be due to a rise of temperature of the environment, a shock, or a problem of assembly of the battery.  The consequence is that the battery can ignite dangerously and cause a fire.

Based on our experience and our know-how on the EN14470-1 European standard fire-proof cabinets, version 90 minutes, we offer several models of different sizes that can meet the most varied storage needs.

Performance and Safety

  • 105 minutes fire resistant
  • locking system
  • doors with thermo-expanding seals
  • ventilation ports for use with filter box or ventilation system
  • reduces the risk of fire and explosion


  • Fire Suppression System VIG 290
    • FirePro® High output sounder beacon:
      Up to 103dB(A) with built in Xenon flash (intense full-spectrum white light for a very short duration.  Consists of a glass tube filled with xenon gas which emits a short and very bright flash of white light when a high voltage is applied.
    • FirePro® Conventional photo electric smoke detector: aims a light source into a sensing chamber at an angle away from the sensor.  Smoke enters the chamber, reflecting light onto the light sensor; triggering the alarm.
    • The FirePro® FPC-2 Panel Protection Controller enables monitoring detection and automatic extinguishing of a fire in an electrical cabinet using linear heat detection cable or automatic smoke detectors and FirePro® Aerosol Generators.
      Please refer to attachment titled fpc-2v2-fire-extinguishant-controller-manual-version-1
    • EX200Li FirePro® condensed aerosol unit are made of the highest quality materials, certified for a working life of 15 years and are listed and certified by BSI, UL, ULC, KIWA and other notified bodied.
      Please refer to attachment titled Technical Specifications EX200Li l FP 200 included in VIG290
  • Four Shelves E35Li

Options and Accessories

  • Shelves E35Li
  • Sump (retention tank) B148
  • Cable Pass Through PEXTBALI
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