GAHP-C036 Aluminum Tabletop Fume Hood Island Type

High performance fume hood ensures chemicals are contained and exhausted, keeping users safe

Aluminum Profile Tabletop Fume Hood

Built to be installed on top of center or side-type laboratory tables. For center-type laboratory table installations, the inside of the hood is visible through the side windows.

Performance and Safety

  • Anodizing process creates extremely hard and chemically resistant surface. GT SCIEN’s unique wave design provides comfortable environment with aesthetic appearance
  • Parts for controlling the fume hood, such as utility valves, are located in easy-to-reach and easy-to-operate positions on the left and right of the user for optimal control and comfort
  • Bypass Louver boosts exhaust capacity by inhibiting airflow turbulence
  • Baffle plate construction promotes smooth ventilation in the hood
  • Hood can be used safely as it is made of durable, heat-resistant and corrosion resistant materials
  • Vertical sliding sash provided for user convenience
  • Safety covers prevent dangerous electrical accidents from occuring
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