GAPS-1018F TOGA® Venti Table

Flexible extraction arm allows for convenient toxic gas purification for experiments conducted on the laboratory table.

TOGA® Venti Table

New concept EHS laboratory table equipped with TOGA® filter technology to safely remove toxic gases generated during experimentation.

Performance and Safety

  • Immediately removes toxic gases generated during experimentation, maintaining a safe laboratory environment. The flexible arm extracts toxic gases and is easily manipulated and rotates in 360 degrees, making it easy to extract and purify toxic gases. The flexible structure minimizes airflow resistance to maximize intake and efficiency.

Environmental Impact

Implementing ductless structural design saves energy, reduces costs and protects laboratory researchers from accidental exposure to fumes from stored chemicals

  • No pollutants are released to the outside environment
  • Prevents energy loss, making it cheaper and easier to maintain laboratory temperature/humidity levels
  • Easy to move and no need to connect to ductwork or HVAC system


TOGA Toxic Gas Purification Filter Technology

US Patent No. 8,845,971,B2, Korean Patent No. 10-0941666, Chinese Patent No. 1345867

TOGA® filters use laboratory-optimized Triple Action Technology™ that eliminates virtually all toxic gases and foul odors via a combination of physical absorption, chemical reactions and neutralization reactions.

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